Hindalco Share Price Target 2040, 2030, 2025, 2024, 2023

Hindalco Share Price Target, Forecast, Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040: Traders, Investor, Research Analyst are forecasting the Hindalco Stock, we can see the Hindalco Share Target price and Fundamental Details.

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Hindalco Share Price Target and Forecast- Basic Details

Hindalco is one of the Company in Nifty 50. As per Technical Analysis, Hindalco is Trading Ready to break the Resistance Zone Rs.442. Once the Level Breaks, Hindalco Takes a Another Resistance. So, see the Valuation and then you can accumulate the Hindalco shares, But in my point of view, After the Breakout, comes to retracement, then will Enter the Trade

CAGR 17.58%
Sector Metals
Name Hindalco Industries Limited (Largecap)
Market Cap 83172 Cr
Stock P/E 5.83
Book Value 348
Return on Capital Employed ROCE 16.2%
ROE 18.5%
website hindalco.com
52 week High Rs.636
52 Week Low Rs.308.95

Hindalco Share price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2040

Hindalco Industries Limited is a aluminum rolling company. The Company is a producer of aluminum and copper.

Incorporated in 1958, Hindalco Industries Ltd. is a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. The Co and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the production of Aluminium and Copper. It is also
engaged in the manufacturing of aluminium sheet, extrusion and light gauge products for use in packaging markets like beverage and food, can and foil products, etc

Hindalco Stock performance

It is comes under Large cap Category. For the Past one Year, 52 week high is Rs.636/- and 52 week low is Rs.308.95/-, Now the Spot price is Rs.390.55 (02.10.2022). Hindalco Trades in Cash Market. Hindalco Dividend Yield is 1.07%. Analyst Rating is 90%. In last 3 months, mutual fund holding of the company has increased by 2.61%. In last 3 months, foreign institutional holding of the company has decreased by 4.09%. Number of shareholders is 700000.

Shareholding Pattern Jun 2022

Mutual Fund 13.15%
Promoter Holding 34.64%
Foreign Institutions 24.76%
Domestic Institutions 8.37%
Retails and Others 19.08%

Hindalco Share Target 2022

Let’s see what Hindalco shares will look like in 2022. As of 02.10.2022 Hindalco shares are currently trading at 390.55 Rupees.

According to fibonacci retracement, Hindalco stock is currently trading below the Golden Ratio of 0.618. Its current price is Rs 390.55. So the next target Hindalco stock is predicted to go up to Rs 425.35. All these are predicted in Daily time frame.

Hindalco shares may start to move Higher, expect to touch 52-week High of 636

Year 2022
Target 1 442.75+
Target 2 517.60+

Hindalco Share Price Target 2023

Actually, Hindalco is Trading between the price is 449 to 310 from May 22 to Sep 22. As per the Technical Analysis, 442 Price is the Very Strong Resistance for Hindalco.  if the Hindalco Share price breaks the 442, and closed above the price, this confirmation is very strong. Then we go to enter the Swing trade.

Peers of the Hindalco

  • National Aluminium Limited
  • MMP Industries Ltd
  • Arfin India Ltd
Year 2023
Target 635+

Hindalco Share Price Target 2025

Hindalco Revenue Performance

Earning Per Share is 67 Rupees, and the earnings yield is 18.4%. Profit performance is Very Good. So this Profit Continues. Year 2025 Target is Rs.975/-

Term Profit in Cr
Mar 2020 3483
Mar 2022 13730

Hindalco Share Price Target 2030

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Year 2025
Target Price 1523

Strength of Hindalco

  • Stock is trading at 1.12 times its book value
  • Company is expected to give good quarter
  • Company has delivered good profit growth of 47.5% CAGR over last 5 years

Weakness of Hindalco

  • Company has a low return on equity of 10.9% over last 3 years.
  • Company might be capitalizing the interest cost

Conclusion – Final Words

the above said all the information are personally calculated by me. and I am not a SEBI registered advisor. so before investing Hindalco you may discuss your financial advisor. and above information goes may be right or it may be wrong, so decision is yourself.

In this Article we see Hindalco Share Price Today and Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, Hindalco Dividend, Hindalco shares dividend, if any doubts ask through comment section, our team resolved the doubts as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: In this article, we have just collect the Hindalco company share data, also we are not a SEBI registered advisor. We have not provided any investment advice on this shares. Before doing any investment or trading please study yourself or take the advice from your financial advisor.

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